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Harrolynn Sherman, Assistant Port Manager,
Plaquemines Port, Harbor, and Terminal District, LA

“Es² has provided exceptional services in providing and implementing a top-of-the-line GIS system for the Plaquemines Port Harbor and Terminal District. 


ES² has demonstrated exceptional expertise and professionalism in its approach to this project. Their ability to integrate advanced technology, including aerial photography and mapping, with their comprehensive understanding of the Mississippi River and Port-owned property, has been truly impressive. 


Through the implementation of this GIS system, ES² has enabled the Plaquemines Port Harbor and Terminal District to optimize their operations and improve their decision-making processes. The system covers an extensive area of 81 miles of the Mississippi River, including all Port-owned properties, and has proven to be invaluable in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the Port's work.


 I highly recommend Environmental Science Services for any future GIS-related projects. They have consistently demonstrated their expertise, professionalism, and dedication to excellence.

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