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The foundation of Environmental Science Services, Inc. (Es²) was built on high-end geospatial mapping, analysis, and data presentation and serves as the core of our business today. With two certified GIS Professionals on staff, each with over 18 years of GIS experience, Es² is able to provide a wide range of GIS services. As an Esri Silver Partner, Es² has access to a wealth of resources to perform a wide-range of services from local governments to emergency response to environmental assessments. Our services and capabilities inlcude:

  • ArcGIS Online and Cloud-Based Server Hosting
  • Field Data Collection Using Smartphones and Tablets
  • High-Accuracy, Survey-Grade GPS Equipment
  • UAS Mapping and Videography
  • Real-Time Field Data Transmission Using Cellular Connected Devices
  • Map Development and Production
  • 3D Visualization
  • Cross-Sections and Volume Calculations
  • Aerial Photography Acquisition
  • Land Loss and Habitat Change Mapping and Analysis
  • Miscellaneous Cartographic Support
  • Real-Time Data Display
  • Local Government Information Model
  • Click for examples of some of our projects:
    • Local Government Enterprise GIS

      Es² has been the GIS consultant for West Baton Rouge Parish since 2013. Es² has assisted the Parish with the move from a fragmented, departmental and desktop-based GIS solution to a more coordinated and centralized Enterprise GIS solution. This solution has allowed the departments within the West Baton Rouge Parish Government to more efficiently and effectively manage and share GIS data internally and externally. Es² utilized the suite of Esri ArcGIS products and solutions during the development of the Enterprise GIS. Es² assisted with the acquisition of a Small Municipal and County Government Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Esri, which allowed for licenses for all desktop, server, and online software needed in the Parish. Es² setup and configured an Amazon cloud server to host the Parish GIS database. Es² has deployed the ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model on the cloud server, which contains a series of essential foundation layers and operational information to support a range of key maps and apps within a local government.

    • UAS Mapping

      With a certified FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Airman, Es² performed a topographic mapping project for the new Rose Gardens Subdivision in Baton Rouge. Es² utilized its DJI Phantom 4 Pro UAS to acquire high-resolution aerial photography of the project site. Prior to aerial photography acquisition, Es² distributed aerial targets across the project site and obtained their precise location using survey-grade Real Time Kinematic GPS equipment. A double-grid pattern at an altitude of 180 feet was programmed into the UAS flight management application, which allows for autonomous flight control. A total of 1,117 images were acquired during the flights. The individual images were processed using photogrammetric software to develop a seamless, color balanced, ortho-photo mosaic. Additional image processing created a 3D Digital Surface Model, a 3D Digital Terrain Model, and contour lines. Once the image processing was complete, an accuracy assessment was performed on the elevation model. Seventeen (17) check points throughout the site were obtained using RTK GPS. Elevations from the check points were compared to the elevation model. It was found that the accuracy of the elevation model was 0.10 feet (1 standard deviation). This project demonstrates the highly detailed and accurate mapping that can be produced from aerial photography obtained from a UAS.

    • Land Loss / Habitat Mapping and Analysis

      Es² performed expert witness services on behalf of the plaintiffs in the Katrina Canal Breaches Consolidated Litigation. The primary service performed by Es² personnel was the development of the expert report, and subsequent testimony, titled Impact of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet: Geology and Geomorphology. This report provided a quantitative, as well as qualitative, analysis of the direct and indirect impacts of the construction, operation, and maintenance of the MRGO channel on the Central Wetlands region east of New Orleans, Louisiana. Es² utilized historical aerial photography, maps, charts, and geologic studies to demonstrate the impacts from the 1965 to 2005. In addition to the preparation of the expert report, Es² personnel were actively involved in the development of legal strategies, review of defense expert reports, as well as courtroom presentations and exhibits. During the month-long bench trial held in the U.S. Eastern District Court in New Orleans, Es² also performed live GIS services for direct witness testimony and cross examination.

    • Utilities Mapping

      Es² collected sanitary sewer utility data for the Town of Addis to integrate into the West Baton Rouge Parish enterprise GIS system. Utilizing survey-grade GPS equipment, Es² collected data from approximately 1,000 sanitary sewer manholes and grinders. All data collected, including photographs, was stored in a Esri Local Government Information Model geodatabase. In addition to data for each manhole, information was also collected for each pipe connected to the manhole, including pipe size, invert elevation, and direction. Once all of the data was QA/QC'd, a pipeline network was created in the geodatabase. The geodatabase was published as a web service and added as an item in the West Baton Rouge Parish GIS system.

    • Historical Aerial Photography Analysis

      This figure portrays a 15-date time-series of historical aerial photography of an area from 1936 to 1998. 

      Es² has extensive experience locating, obtaining, scanning, geo-referencing, and mapping historical aerial photography, which is useful in many different types of projects: Land loss mapping Site investigations Damage assessments Boundary disputes Environmental assessments

      Even though historical aerial photography provides a mapping challenge due to the wide variety of film types and photo scales utilized for each date, it is an invaluable resource for time-sensitive projects.

    • Onsite Facilities Mapping – Air Emissions Point Source Locations

      As another example of onsite facilities mapping, this image is a portion of a map that was created to illustrate the permitted air emissions point source locations for a refinery. A current aerial photograph of the refinery was acquired and ground control points used to geo-reference the aerial photograph were obtained using a Trimble Pro-XR real-time differential GPS. Once the aerial was geo-referenced, it was used as a base map in the GIS. A point for the center of each permitted air emissions point source was placed on the photograph. UTM and latitude-longitude coordinates for each emission source derived from the GIS were listed in a table and placed on the map. For ease of visual reference, the point source identification number was also labeled for each emission source. A large format plot (36"x72") and a spreadsheet of the point source coordinates were provided to the refinery. The coordinates for the emission sources were utilized in permit applications as well as dispersion modeling. The utilization of aerial photography, GPS, and GIS provided a cost-effective solution for obtaining accurate coordinates of the permitted air emission point sources for this refinery.

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Local Government Specialty

Es² can assist Local Governments in the implementation of the Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Platform. ArcGIS for Local Government includes a maps, apps, and best practices developed especially for local governments.

With our expertise in actively implementing the ArcGIS for Local Government solution, Esri has designated Es² as a Local Government Specialty Partner. Es² is the only Esri Partner that has received the ArcGIS for Local Governments Speciality designation in Louisiana.

ArcGIS Online Specialty

ArcGIS Online by Esri is an online, collaborative web GIS that allows users to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data. Users get access to Living Atlas of the World, apps, and Esri’s secure cloud, where users can add items and publish web layers.

As an Esri designated ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner, Es² can get you up and running quickly and maximize your use of the ArcGIS Platform. Es² is the only Esri Partner that has received this ArcGIS Online Specialty designation in Louisiana.

Federal Small Business Specialty

Esri's Federal Small Business Specialty provides Es² with a new program to increase our GIS capabilities and engage with Esri on federal government opportunities. The program is designed for qualified, registered small businesses who have expertise in GIS and want to develop services offerings and pursue opportunities around the Esri ArcGIS Platform to grow their federal business. Es² is the only Esri Partner that has received the Federal Small Business Specialty designation in Louisiana.

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Established in 1996, Es² provides a wide range of engineering and science support services for Industry and the Public Sector built around high-end technologies such as GIS, GPS, image processing, and analytical data processing. Robert Simmons, P.E., President of Es², has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including 16 years as an engineer at Exxon where he served as a Task Force Operations Manager in Prince William Sound during the Exxon Valdez spill cleanup.  Andrew Milanes, P.E., Vice-President of Es² has 25 years of experience in private consulting providing high-quality services and solutions to his clients.