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Science Support Coordination (SSC) provides the Responsible Party (RP) with accurate knowledge of the nature of a potential environmental impact, injury, or damage related to an operational activity or pollution event. SSC support can range from mitigating a wetland impact and oil spill contingency planning, to managing a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA). The key to successful SSC is a robust environmental data collection program and proactive coordination with the natural resource trustees.

A Situation Where It Mattered.

In a pollution event, the rapid acquisition of current data to establish an environmental baseline is essential to document any pre-existing conditions. In a recent oil spill in Lake Barre, Louisiana, the rapid acquisition of high-resolution aerial photography documented that the wetlands impacted by the spill had a pre-existing coastal land loss condition. This rapid air photo mission allowed the facilitation of a realistic NRDA determination.

Having an accurate inventory of the natural resources that could be impacted from a spill event or construction project is essential. Es² develops Biological Resources at Risk maps (above, left) from data obtained from state and federal resource trustees. These maps, and associated database tables, establish a complete and accurate baseline of the preexisting environmental conditions within the area of operations. In addition to identifying the natural resources, it is also necessary to characterize the vulnerability of these resources to spill events. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) mapping (above, right) employs a ranking system that characterizes the sensitivity of the shore and associated biota to oiling and cleanup activities. The ESI rankings typically range from 1 to 10 with low numbers indicating short persistence of stranded oil and minor susceptibility to environmental degradation, and high numbers indicating long-term oil persistence, difficulty of oil cleanup and a high sensitivity to damage.

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Established in 1996, Es² provides a wide range of engineering and science support services for Industry and the Public Sector built around high-end technologies such as GIS, GPS, image processing, and analytical data processing. Robert Simmons, P.E., President of Es², has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including 16 years as an engineer at Exxon where he served as a Task Force Operations Manager in Prince William Sound during the Exxon Valdez spill cleanup.  Andrew Milanes, P.E., Vice-President of Es² has 25 years of experience in private consulting providing high-quality services and solutions to his clients.