Ecological Services

A wide range of ecological services to support the science in environmental projects.

The Ecological Services Division of Es² is committed to providing you with realistic solutions to your environmental problems. With our understanding of the complexities of the natural environment we can manage your project from conception to completion. In addition, Es² can also supplement your knowledge base on projects by bridging the gap in areas which are outside of your realm of experience.

Our Ecological Services Division provides a variety of ecological services that encompasses both aquatic and terrestrial environments. With our expertise in areas such as Coastal Management and Restoration, Environmental Site Assessments, GIS and Field Mapping, Field Sampling and Analysis and Litigation Support, we are confident that we can fulfill the needs of your project no matter how big or small.

Coastal Management and Restoration

Our coastal areas are delicate environments that are constantly changing. Natural and manmade water front erosion causes not only loss of human use but also loss of critical habitat to wildlife species such as the beach mouse, shorebirds and nesting sea turtles.

There are not always easy answers to these complex problems but we are dedicated to finding the right solution for your situation. Whether it is the installation of living shorelines, creation of oyster reefs, implementation of beach dune stabilization techniques, the relocation of submerged aquatic vegetation or geomorphology studies we will address the issue head on and develop the appropriate solution to fit the environmental needs of the problem at hand

Beach Dune Restoration Living Shorelines Oyster Reef Creation Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Environmental Site Assessments

Do you need to know the acreage and classification of wetlands on your project site, or if T&E species are present? Planning to install power or communication towers and are in need of bird or wildlife surveys? Need an environmental feasibility study? We can help you with all of this and more. Our staff is dedicated to conducting quality assessments that provide you with reliable and trusted results.


GIS Mapping

The products of GIS can be used as powerful tools when evaluating biological and ecological data. Whether it is determining the amount of wetlands in a given area, monitoring coastal erosion, determining wildlife habitat or following the outcome of your project over time, GIS is the tool to use. Its applications are endless. The GIS Team at Es² is very adept at producing maps that show the big picture. Need to see what field points your tech is marking while he is in the field conducting surveys? We can help you with that to through our custom web mapping applications.

Sampling and Analysis

Addressing environmental issues often requires collection and processing of field samples for laboratory analysis. Utilizing proper collection techniques is of utmost importance not only for obtaining valid results but also for preventing costly mistakes. At Es² we follow approved methods and utilize proper equipment when collecting environmental samples. We are capable of collecting a wide variety of environmental samples from many terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Whether you are in need of the collection and analysis of soil, sediment, water, or benthic samples we have the means and know how to get the sample and get it right.

Litigation Support Services

Accurate, authoritative, and science-based are critical elements that must be at the forefront of any legal effort. Es² has built its reputation on these core tenets and can provide a wide variety of litigation support services for your legal team. Land loss assessments, historical shoreline analysis, and habitat change are just a few examples of expert reports and testimony that Es² can provide.

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We are a group of consummate environmental professionals who approach all projects, big and small, with diligence and innovation. We are Registered Engineers, Certified GIS Professionals, Experienced Scientists and Technicians who all demand serious and meticulous results.

Backed By Experience

Established in 1996, Es² provides a wide range of engineering and science support services for Industry and the Public Sector built around high-end technologies such as GIS, GPS, image processing, and analytical data processing. Robert Simmons, P.E., President of Es², has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry including 16 years as an engineer at Exxon where he served as a Task Force Operations Manager in Prince William Sound during the Exxon Valdez spill cleanup.  Andrew Milanes, P.E., Vice-President of Es² has 25 years of experience in private consulting providing high-quality services and solutions to his clients.